RECENTS: ASEAN POWER SYSTEM OPERATORS WORKSHOP 2019 : Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) Source Integration

HAPUA Working Group 5 Brenchmark Class : Culture Leap Program 2019

PT PLN (Persero) – Indonesia is pleased to host and invite all members of HAPUA Working Group 5 to attend Benchmark Class: Culture Leap Program 2019 that will be held on: Day, Date  : Tuesday-Wednesday, 15-16 October 2019 Place          : Jakarta City, Indonesia Theme       : “Embracing The Corporate Culture: […]

Strengthening the Secretariat function as the Bridge of HAPUA

(Yogya/27 Feb) Indonesia hosted the HAPUA Country and Working Group Secretariat Gathering in Yogyakarta on 27 – 28 February 2019. The program was initiated by PT PLN (Persero) and attended by 7 ASEAN countries. This was the first program that gathered all Secretariats in order to strengthen their function as communicator to various HAPUA programs. […]