About Hapua

Heads of ASEAN Power Utilities/Authorities (HAPUA) is the recognized electricity organization in Southeast Asia region. The MoU was signed in May 2004 by Department of Electrical Services of Brunei Darussalam, Electricité du Cambodge of Cambodia, PT PLN (Persero) of Indonesia, Electricité du Laos of Lao PDR, Tenaga Nasional Berhad of Malaysia, Department of Electric Power of Myanmar, National Power Corporation of Philippines, Singapore Power Limited of Singapore, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, and Electricity of Vietnam.

Its objective is to promote cooperation among its members to strengthen regional energy security through interconnection development, enhancing private sector participation, encouraging standardization of equipment, promoting joint project development, cooperation in human resources, research & development, and to enhance quality & reliability of electricity supply system.

Established in 1981, HAPUA has undergone through several organization restructuring. The latest was in the 28th HAPUA Council Meeting in June 2012 in Brunei Darussalam, where the new structure of HAPUA Working Groups was adopted:

HAPUA Working Group No. 1 – Generation & Renewable Energy
HAPUA Working Group No. 2 – Transmission / APG
HAPUA Working Group No. 3 – Distribution and Power Reliability & Quality
HAPUA Working Group No. 4 – Policy Studies & Commercial Development
HAPUA Working Group No. 5 – Human Resources

To support our activities, we collaborate with several dialogue partners and international organizations, including Japan, Korea, China, Australia, US, Russia, ASEAN Secretariat, ASEAN Center for Energy (ACE), International Energy Agency (IEA), Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA), and ASEAN Energy Market Integration (AEMI).

Our current focus is to support ASEAN Economic Community through ASEAN energy market integration by succeeding the implementation of ASEAN power Grid (APG) as HAPUA is assigned to based on MoU of APG. APG is the most important element of energy connectivity. APAEC 2016 – 2025 listed it as project program no. 1 and put the Laos-Thailand-Malaysia-Singapore Power Integration Project (LTMS PIP) as prioritized pilot project.

The HAPUA Secretariat is appointed to PT PLN (Persero) for the term 2016-2019.