Experts Exchange Program between EVN and PLN on Renewable Energy Policy

From August 14-25, Vietnam Electricity (EVN) held an Expert Exchange Program with the delegation of PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara – Indonesia (PLN) on Renewable Energy Policy. Vice President of EVN Dr. Vo Quang Lam chaired the opening session.

The exchange of experts between EVN and PLN is within the framework EVN’s initiative as launched by EVN during the HAPUA Working Group 5 Annual Meeting organize in Vietnam last December with the participation of all utilities of ASEAN countries.

The main purpose of the EVN’s Expert Exchange Program is to facilitate favorable conditions for experts from ASEAN’s power utilities to exchange on various topics and fields of mutual interest, topics ranging from technical to non-technical matters.

Dr. Vo Quang Lam said that at present, the topic of renewable energy is the great concern of most countries in the world, especially in the context that energy transition is an inevitable trend. He expressed his hope that after this expert exchange, EVN and PLN will have the opportunity to discuss many other areas of mutual interest such as risk management, internal audit, corporate governance, customer experience…

Ms. Putu Purwaningsih – PLN’s Legal Business Partner Transition Energy Officer, head of the delegation, thanked EVN for creating favorable conditions for PLN experts to have the opportunity to exchange and learn from EVN’s experiences in the subject matters of renewable energy policy. The Indonesian government has set a target of becoming carbon neutral by 2060. Currently, Indonesia is also in the process of developing renewable energy. Ms. Putu Purwaningsih hoped that this exchange program with EVN would help PLN gain valuable experience for PLN’s best preparation on development of renewable energy in the near future.

Many highly practical questions were raised in the discussion session and discussed in detail by experts from both PLN and EVN. The exchange of experts between EVN and PLN is planned to take place from August 14 – 25 at the Headquarters of Vietnam Electricity and in some EVN’s subsidiaries.